About Greiff's

Over a century ago the founder of our company, Georg Greiff, was born in Skåne Sweden. He was a skillful tailor with an interest in politics and foreign affairs. Late 1940’s he started an import- and export firm with the company name of Handelsfirman Georg Greiff. With the help of east-german trade organizations the company grew fast. By 1955 Greiff had 12 employees and played a big role in Sweden’s development.

Since these contracts with the east-german trade organizations didn’t allow Georg to trade in other countries he in started another firm called AB G.W Greiff & Co (yes, that’s us). The purpose of this other company was to grow and expand beyond Europe. In 1957 Greiff had agents in China, Rumania and Bulgaria.

AB GW Greiff & Co developed in time and by 1973 Georg left his post and sold the company to an employee Karl Olsson. Karl saw the potential and growth in Chinese manufacturing and established contact with important Chinese incorporations.

In 1978 an ambitious man named Per-Arne Robling was hired as an assistant to the CEO after the company he worked for was bought up by no other than Karl. After just one year Karl stepped down as CEO and Per-Arne took over the post.

During his time as CEO (from 1979-2004) Per-Arne developed several branches within the company. We started selling ready-to-wear clothes and accessories, opened stores and had several brands such as Horizon, Eastwood, Tuxer, Goffini etc.

If we fast forward to today (2016) Per-Arne is retired since a couple of years back and he left his company to his three sons Mattias, Tomas and Andreas. Today, AB GW Greiff & Co (Greiffs), has one major brand called Tuxer. We make functional clothes for Active Families and work in tight teams with design and production to make quality clothing. Manufacturing is done in China with some of the same companies that Georg established contact with in the early 1950’s.

Our core values

We are proud of our long experience in developing functional garments. Our competence is a security internally as well as for our customers.
Our company shall be characterized by humility. We value honesty and good relations internally and externally. Our humility in combination with a strong engagement creates an environment for good results.
Creative dialogue
We aspire to have a creative dialogue in our company and also with our customers and suppliers. Constructive feedback is of greatest importance to further develop as individuals and company. We shall be responsive and take time to understand each others needs.
We shall encourage each other to try new ways. Based on our solid know-how we shall, together with the market, develop our range and ways of working through innovation and creativity.
Our attitude towards our tasks shall be characterized by great passion. If each of us, is more dedicated to our tasks compared to our competitors, it will influence our development in a positive way.