Our history

When P-A Robling, owner of Greiffs, traveled around the world to visit factories and suppliers, he came to an insight. It is an easy thing to make clothes at superior quality and high price. However, what is difficult is to create high quality functional clothing at the right price. P-A, who had three children himself, knew very well how difficult it can be to find clothes that keep what they promise without costing a fortune.

Since then we have develop garments for an active lifestyle to the right price. You will find our garments on skiers, mountain hikers and others who need functional clothing that can withstand tough conditions. But we also make clothes for more everyday adventures. Like the dog walk in the rain, the bike ride to work and the outing with the family. No matter who you are and what you do, we supply garments that keep you warm and comfortable. Clothes that keep what they promise.

Our core values

We are proud of our long experience in developing functional garments. Our competence is a security internally as well as for our customers.
Our company shall be characterized by humility. We value honesty and good relations internally and externally. Our humility in combination with a strong engagement creates an environment for good results.
Creative dialogue
We aspire to have a creative dialogue in our company and also with our customers and suppliers. Constructive feedback is of greatest importance to further develop as individuals and company. We shall be responsive and take time to understand each others needs.
We shall encourage each other to try new ways. Based on our solid know-how we shall, together with the market, develop our range and ways of working through innovation and creativity.
Our attitude towards our tasks shall be characterized by great passion. If each of us, is more dedicated to our tasks compared to our competitors, it will influence our development in a positive way.